Kolektiv meetings

We meet regularly.

Please email us at lafk@riseup.net if you are interested in getting involved.

We are a women and trans  – only group.


5 Responses to Kolektiv meetings

  1. Eva says:

    Hi, it’s Eva here. I came to your meeting in Brixton two weeks ago and would like to come to the next one. I assume it will be at LARC but could you please let me know if the venue changes?

  2. anarchafeministkolektiv says:

    Hi Eva,
    just waiting for confirmation that it is definetly at LARC. Will let you know asap.

  3. anarchafeministkolektiv says:

    hey , yes it is now confirmed that next meeting will be at LARC 7pm sunday 9th november. See you there!

  4. ANJ says:

    hey guys, like the site. found you guys on a link via Rag mag. I really like Rag and was hopin to meet like minded anarchafeminists in London UK.
    I’ve recently moved to north london and looking forward to hearing more…please add me to any mailing list. looking forward to hearin more

  5. pamela says:

    Hello anarchafeminists. I had a look at your website and I’d like to join you or start to partecipating at your meetings. Are you still meeting every week at LARC? I’d like to partecipate more. Looking forward to meet you soon, pamela

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