No to Welfare Abolition – the national planning meeting

*No to Welfare Abolition – the national planning meeting*

Manchester University Students Union, *Steve Biko Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR, rooms MR1 and MR2*

Saturday 17th April Arrive 11.30am for 12 noon start. Finish 5.30pm.

Our rights to welfare are under attack from all sides. The Welfare Reform Act passed last year is making it harder for single parents, unemployed workers, people with illness, disabilities or impairments and carers to get by. High profile poster campaigns target ‘benefit thieves’, while benefit fraud is at a low and bankers escape the recession with billions of taxpayers’ money.

17 April is our chance for welfare and disability rights activists, members of unemployed workers’ groups and trade unionists to get to together, build links of solidarity and plan our struggles. If you are organising to defend welfare or want to start doing so, please make sure people from your group come along!

Free lunch will be provided.

Let us know you are coming by emailing **.

Contact ** if you want to use the free creche.

Join the email discussion list here: **

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