workshops this weekend

SATURDAY’s workshops run from 10am – 6pm:

Basic Massage – Exploring the body using gravity, weight, self-massage, and exchanged massage through clothing.

Banner Making – Let’s make a banner for the LAFK to take along to the Million Women Rise march next Saturday! Bring any skills or materials you think might be handy… (we can make more than one banner if we have enough energy and stuff)

Herbal First Aid – Learn more about herbs, and how to use them for first aid. We’ll be making calendula and comfrey ointments, and workshop participants will be able to make their own herbal first aid kit to take home at the end (spaces limited – please sign up on the day).

Imagining a healthier future for our children – An open discussion for everyone (not just parents and carers) on children and feminism.

Making our own.. – toothpaste, shampoo and lip-balm (or anything else you want to share – bring ingredients)

Changes During the Menstrual Cycle – A look at changes that can be expected throughout the cycle, and a discussion about the personal and political implications.

Safer Spaces – Dealing with the ways we’ve been brought up, and our own prejudices, and the ways that we communicate and behave in different spaces. What do we mean by ‘safer spaces’ and how do we create them?

Feminism, Anarchism and Ageing – In capitalist heteropatriarchy, radicalism and/or an alternative lifestyle can both help us as we get older, and at the same time make it harder. We’ll talk about our different experiences and models of aging, and definitively decide how to survive and thrive in an older woman hating culture! (All ages welcome)

Radical Mental Health – What does it look like to become healthy in a world gone mad? As people skeptical of the current patriarchal, capitalist world order, what does it mean within our extended communities for someone to be “crazy” or struggling with clinical labels such as “post-traumatic stress,” “bipolar disorder,” or “schizophrenia?” How does oppression contribute to the suffering in our communities, and what tools are available to ease our emotional distress? Does conventional medicine have anything to offer us? What other routes to healing are available? In this workshop we will share skills and stories, and open up questions central to investigating how we can support each other and encourage wellness while living in such insane times.

Safer Sex – Looking at what we mean by ‘safer sex’, and more importantly, how we use this info to make our sex-lives more fun, fulfilling, and ‘safe’ in every way.

Indian Head Massage – how to give this kind of massage.

SUNDAY’s workshops run from 11am till 6pm:

Cervical Self-Exam – How to do a cervical self-exam. An explanation of the politics of self-exam and a discussion of the way the (patriarchal) medical system treats our symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgery while ignoring our bodies holistically. With cervical photos and a demonstration of a cervical self-exam.

Intro to Self-Defence – A short class teaching the basics of defending yourself in all sorts of situations. A chance to learn and practice some verbal and physical techniques, and discuss what self-defence means for all of us.

Cervical Health and HPV – Have you ever wondered why you should get smear tests (cervical exams) done? Learn about cervical health in and outside the medical system, alternative treatment for abnormal smears, and HPV.

Consent – Looking at ways of creating and maintaining good levels of consent in all our relationships (not just the sexual ones).

Vaginal Health and Infections – information and discussion on self-treating common vaginal infections such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis and why pharmaceuticals don’t often help with re-occurring infections.

Recover your Voice – Learn easy ways to nurture your singing and song writing skills while discovering how this can enhance your personal and mental well being. No previous experience necessary.

Surviving Trauma – In this workshop, we will open a discussion about the ways our minds and our behaviours are changed by the things that break our hearts and terrify us out of our skins – and how we manage to survive afterwards. Death, abuse, rape, war, police brutality, violence, poverty, and oppression are all sources of massive trauma that transform us forever. We’re not just crazy and chemically imbalanced; all kinds of distress — like anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares, depression, addiction, compulsion, and dissociation – can have their origins in trauma. Telling the story of what we’ve lived through can begin the process of saving us. Discovering that other people have emerged from the same fires can help us endure. Trauma often initiates recognizable patterns, and people have learned a lot about how we can heal; please come to listen, to join the discussion, to share skills, or to learn about resources you may not have encountered in your own journeys.

Midwifery and Birth – A workshop for anyone interested in finding out more about midwifery or birth.

Making our own.. – toothpaste, shampoo and lip-balm (or anything else you want to share – bring ingredients)

Defending Ourselves against the Cops – Some techniques we can use to stay safe around the police (and security guards). Discussion and some practical group role-play exercises.

A more detailed schedule should be available here on Friday night.

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