workshop programme

Workshops start at 10am on Saturday

10.00 – 11.30

basic massage – at larc

banner making (will continue throughout day) – at rampart

11.50 – 13.20

herbal first aid – at larc (limited spaces so sign up on the day!)

imagining a healthier future… – at rampart

13.40 – 15.00

making our own… – at larc

changes during the menstrual cycle – at rampart

15.20 – 16.30

safer spaces – at larc

feminism, anarchism & ageing – at rampart

indian head massage – at rampart

16.50 – 18.00

radical mental health – at larc

safer sex – at rampart

Teas, soup and snacks available throughout the day. The rampart kitchen will also host some food-related workshops – come along if you’re interested in learning more about vegan cuisine, baking, sprouting, juicing etc!

In the evening we’ll have dinner together at rampart 18.30 – 19.30, with some herstory from the womminspace squat, then an open mic followed by music for dancing (performers and djs welcome)

There will be a seed-swapping area (please bring any seeds or seedlings you’d like to swap) at rampart, as well as books to read, information/ zines/ pamphlets to take away, feminist patches & t-shirts to buy…

Workshops start at 11am on Sunday

11.00 – 12.00

cervical self-exam – at larc

intro to self-defence – at rampart

12.10 – 13.10

cervical health & hpv – at larc

consent – at rampart

13.20 – 14.20

vaginal health & infections – at larc

13.20 – 14.50

recover your voice – at rampart

14.40 – 16.10

surviving trauma – at larc

15.10 – 16.10

midwifery & birth – at rampart

16.30 – 18.00

making our own…– at larc

defending ourselves vs the cops – at rampart

Please note that we may be forced to make changes to the above programme at the last minute.

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