Our first zine on herbalism is finished. Its called chickweed and has loads of great stuff (we think) in it.

We plan to try and do one per season so this one is full of info on herbs that can be found at this time of year and useful remedies for winter. Its also got loads on finding, drying, planting herbs, seed collecting, as well as ananarchafeminist perspectives on herbalism.

We are hoping to convert it to a pdf to put on this blog so that people can print it themselves.

In the meantime though, if you would like a copy please email us at

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2 Responses to Chickweed

  1. zinnoba says:

    wow, sounds great! i am realy interested… is there a pdf-version yet?

  2. anarchafeministkolektiv says:

    pdf is on its way. Hopefully will post in on here in the next few days.

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